What is specialty coffee for you? 

Specialty Coffee is often mis understood in Manila and is often perceived as high end coffee and latte art. Specialty coffee for us is the entire process of producing coffee and making sure everyone in the process is properly compensated, from your farmers, roasters, baristas to your consumers.

What is your mission/vision?

To enrich passion and craft among a growing community of coffee artisans. It is our goal to enable local, independent cafes and SMBs to be successful in the business of serving coffee.

Share a few words on you green bean procurement? Selection process, decision criteria, etc.

We select the best quality beans possible. We decide base on the characteristic and taste profile of the coffee, and if we believe this is something that would appeal to the local market. It must also be something we could work with and blend with each other. We want to be able to introduce something new and at the same time satisfy the local market.

Choice of roaster and why? (Is this even relevant to the roast process? and to the consumer?)

In choosing a roaster, it boils down to brand, cost, capacity, and the features that we need. Having a roaster that we are comfortable using  gives us flexibility during production and allows us to bring out the best output possible.

Roast philosophy, why roast the beans the way that you do?

We keep it simple and just try to give justice to the coffee and bring out its character. Taste has always been subjective and this is why there have been a lot of healthy arguments during our product development. Our team ensures that everyone agrees on the best roast profile before we have it ready for the consumer.