To most of us, a good cup of coffee is bold and strong with notes of chocolate and nuts. We often correlate these profiles to barako, dark roasted with high caffeine content. Little that most of us know, caffeine is related to the varietal of coffee beans. To simplify, these are arabica, robusta, and liberica(barako). In order from least amount of caffeine to the highest. Caffeine has nothing to do with the coffee’s taste notes. For example, we’ve tried a very fruity liberica with notes of banana and langka, locally grown. It sure did pack a punch of caffeine which kept us up for the day.

We hope to share to you these other wonderful profiles that coffee has. Coffee is not just chocolatey and nutty. It has more to it. Some have sweet fruity profiles, floral aromas, butterscotch notes, and even to the extremes of having minty after taste. Our goal here is simple. We want to expand your coffee pallette so you can enjoy your cup of coffee as much as we do. It is a journey of flavours, aromas, and experience, best to be shared.

With that, we are offering a curated list of beans, each with different notes and profiles to explore. We hope to make your cup of coffee even more enjoyable with what we can offer.