Baratza Encore ESP White


  • Grinding Burr Set: High-quality burrs designed for precise and consistent espresso grinds.
  • Bean Hopper: A large capacity hopper for storing coffee beans before grinding.
  • Grounds Bin: A container to catch and store the ground coffee after it passes through the burrs.
  • Dosing Cup: Specifically designed for easy transfer of coffee grounds to your espresso machine’s portafilter.
  • Top Lid for Hopper: Keeps the beans contained and fresh before grinding.
  • Adjustment Ring: Allows for easy selection of grind size to achieve the perfect espresso grind.
  • On/Off Switch: Simple and straightforward operation for starting and stopping the grinder.
  • Rubber Feet: Provides stability and reduces vibration during grinding.
  • Cleaning Brush: Helps in maintaining the grinder, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • User Manual: Comprehensive guide for setup, use, and maintenance of the grinder.

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