Latitude Bean + Bar

Malate is one of those districts in Manila that’s steeped in both history and modernity. It’s peppered with both new and already-established businesses along and behind the main roads. 

Latitude Bean + Bar is a specialty coffee cafe located in the neighborhood of Malate. As one of the first multicultural hubs in the metro, Malate is adjacent to all sorts of establishments such as universities, Chinatown, as well as the very center of the Philippine government. 

As a cafe situated in the old city, one would expect interiors that look old or vintage. However, Latitude Bean + Bar welcomes its customers with clean silhouettes, blue painted walls, accented tiles, and simple-themed decor. Entering the café, one’s attention will immediately be grabbed by rows of vintage cameras, books, and plants, juxtaposed with a plain blue wall. The cafe is spacious with adequate tables that can seat 20 people comfortably. The ambiance is relaxing and the café has superb lighting thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Since it boasts itself as a specialty café, the usuals are available: manual brew enthusiasts can have their fill of coffee with Hario V60 and Aeropress coffee makers. 

At that time, they only offered beans from Yardstick. An order of Ethiopian beans brewed using the V60 was made. As expected of Ethiopian coffee, from Yardstick nonetheless, it was pleasantly acidic, citrusy, and fruity, with hints of sweetness at the end. It was a cup thoroughly enjoyed.

Additionally,  a quick glance at the menu would tell you they offer classic coffee-based beverages such as the espresso, latté, cortado, and the like. A standout from the usual is the “Malate”, which is an essentially a Spanish latté (ristretto with sweetened condensed milk). Non-coffee drinkers can still enjoy Latitude since they do offer loose leaf teas, iced tea, and chocolate-based beverages. An assortment of pastries and snacks can satiate the hunger and sweet tooth of those who are out for lunch or a quick meal. 

Prices are also budget-friendly. Nothing exceeds 250 PHP, and their coffee prices range between 100-165 pesos. 

Visiting Latitude was a pleasant experience. There was adequate parking at the front and the staff was courteous. The usual noise you would hear from more commercial cafés is nowhere to be found. The café was accessible but was situated far away enough from the busy road of Taft Avenue that one can enjoy a quiet afternoon to perhaps study, or read a book.

As the specialty coffee movement has been on a steady rise, it is always nice to have a new place pop up that shares the same advocacy. Being able to enjoy a quiet afternoon is a welcome bonus.

Latitude Bean + Bar is located at 1851, Pilar Hidalgo Lim St. cor Remedios St., Malate, Manila

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