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Much can be said about trends and fads but some trends are actually factual and represent an issue that impacts all of us. Trending towards a cleaner greener environment has never been as pronounced as it is now. The looming threat of global warming and the potential devastation it can bring about has been touted for years. It is up to each and every one of us to do something about this predicament. In the coffee industry, it’s estimated that 500 billion coffee cups are produced globally each year and if they were placed end to end they’d circumnavigate the globe 1360 times! Waste from coffee cups is directed to landfills where it can take about 50 years to break down. Enter Frank Green.

Designed for Humanity

It says on their website that they started with an honest approach to sustainability – “reducing single-use waste by re-imagining cups and bottles”. They focused on design backed up by engineering thus resulting in their unique form. Their products are, according to them, innovative, stylish, functional and great for the environment. They made a product that you, as the user, would want to carry with you.

Here are some features of the more pertinent features of the cups. The cups feature a clever one-handed, push-button operation that opens and closes the cup’s spill resistant lid. Its drinking hole is designed with the optimum flow of liquid in mind. Premium quality materials that resists stain and odors make up the inner part of the cup, this allows you to taste the coffee and not the materials of the cup. It has double wall that thermally insulates the contents of the cup, allowing for hotter beverages longer. The outer wall also has a non-slip design which also feel great in hand. Other things that may not be as exciting but still matters to some, is that it fits in cup holders, is dishwasher safe, and is actually recyclable.

frank green spill proof cup is a subscriber of helping the environment and looking good while doing it. Get your own Frank Green Cups and make a difference! and Frank Green

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