Basic Coffee Brewing Parameters

For most of the Philippine market, coffee brewing is one of the simplest things in life, in fact, it’s a 3-step habit in most people’s lives. Heat water, add instant mix, and stir! Presto! A cup of coffee has magically appeared! The preferences in coffee is boiled down to which brand if Instant coffee is in the store or in the pantry, but is that all there is to this beverage? Is that all you’d want from your coffee? These simple questions may have far-reaching implications about the type of person that you are and your preferred cup of coffee may reveal things that you may have not known about.

All that in every cup!

Here at, we strive to present a different option, a better option. The allure in manual brewing is that you are in total control of each and every step of your own coffee experience. From your choice of coffee beans, to the grind size of the coffee, water temperature and even the specific vessel that you want to enjoy your beverage in!

To help you on your way to your perfect cup of coffee, we have identified the basic components that create a cup of coffee, here are the brewing parameters that you should take a look into.

Coffee to Water Ratio

Brewing Water Quality

Brewing Temperature

Coffee Grind Size

Brewing Method


Extraction Time

Brewing Technique

These are the parameters in coffee brewing that can make or break your experience and through trial and error will also create the perfect cup that will fit your own exact personal preferences.